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water level 2019 resizeThe Eagle Spoke

Mo Skett

18 February to 10 April 2021

“I am not one of those artists who produce beautiful neat work. My hands, used to farming and mining, are not delicate or steady enough to do intricate and detailed work. I love making and creating artwork!”     

This exhibition was inspired by Mo’s belief that animals can provide guidance to us as we move through life. An eagle soaring overhead as she walked gave her inspiration to develop a body of work that observes the animal world and encourages us all to take care of them. As a mixed media artist Mo has had the opportunity to travel and exhibit which has garnered her commitment to her practice.

Image: Soring Rapters Mo Skett 



Here to There

Borderline Regional Arts Association

21 January to 6 March 2021

Raylee Delaney 2 2Warwick Art Gallery is breathing a sigh of relief as one of the exhibitions cancelled due to COVID19 in 2020, finally will be installed. The Borderline Regional Arts Association is a collective of artists who live in the Stanthorpe and Tenterfield areas – neighbours on either side of the Queensland and New South Wales border. Their exhibition titled From Here to There opens in the main exhibition space on Thursday 21 January 2021.

The group had its beginning in 1994 and over the past 25 years has blossomed into a strong community based, not for profit organisation encouraging its member’s individual artistic development and skill building with a culture of connection and collaboration through exhibitions, workshops, information and ideas exchange plus social gatherings.

The art practice of Borderline Arts Association members is highly diverse and includes watercolour, drawing, printmaking, fibre, fabric, stone and bronze sculpture, ceramics and painting.

The exhibition title From Here to There implies a journey and is open to interpretation on many levels: Journeys through seasonal and climatic changes, drought, fire and flood, as well as the life within the landscape including people, animals and vegetation provided a wealth of inspiration for the participating artists.

From Here to There includes the work by eighteen artists; Jayne Barrett, Maggie Brockie, Kerry Cannon, Norman Clayton, Raylee Delaney, Krishna Heffernan, Louise Jenkins, Sue Jurd, Gay Landeta, Maryke Millar, Judy Pidgeon, Liz Powell, Eva Rasmussen, Fay Roselt, Nola Sindel, Albert Verschuuren, Anni Washington and Gail Wilson.


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