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Brushes and Flashes of the South BurnettMayo Vale painting for Gallery small

1 February to 26 February 2017

The Brushes and Flashes  exhibition will showcase artists from the South Burnett.

Eleven artists will exhibit works in pastel, watercolour, oil, drawing, acrylic, pottery, sculpture, paper tole, photography and indigenous art.

Participating artists: 

Anthony Donas – Indigenous artist
Megan Cridland, BFA – Drawings
Garry Eyre, Cert of Applied Arts – Abstracts
Ina Patterson, Cert of Commercial Illustration – Watercolours
Judy Forrster – Photography
Karren Bolton(Currently in 3rd year of BA Fine Arts & Visual Culture) – Sculpture & Pottery
Lyn Felsman – Pastels, Water colour, Oils
Rosemarie Matthews-Fredericks – Paper Tole
Thelm Archibald – Threaded Acrylics
Summer Brooke-Jones – Sculpture, Felting
Paul Craddock – Various

Featured artwork:

Chooks by Lyn Felsman

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