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Jumpers & Jazz in July Tree Jumper Exhibition
Presented by Warwick Art Gallery

21 to 31 July 2022

4 Narelle Mercer 2 resize againWarwick Art Gallery proudly manages the yarn bombed tree jumper exhibition for Jumpers and Jazz in July. We transform the CBD into an outdoor art gallery and dress our trees in charming textile artwork. Anyone can participate with entries coming from near and far each year that are flamboyant, colourful, heart-warming and often comical

Our annual tree jumper exhibition has woven its way into the hearts of thousands of artisans and visitors for fifteen years.  The exhibition features approximately 100 trees in the CBD "yarnbombed" by artists, local businesses, community groups and everyday folks from near and far.


Registration are open for the 2022 event.  

1 “Ripple” theme entry First & Second Prize $500/$250
2 “I Love to Yarn” section - entry that highlights the potential of yarn First & Second Prize $500/$250
3 Free Choice entry - no theme - anything goes - share your own message or story $250
4 Created by Children entry - these tree jumpers will be installed as a group on Fitzroy Street $250
5 Community Collaboration entry - a dedicated category for community groups to enter $250


1 Pick ONE ONLY Section to enter
2 Fill out a Registration Form CLICK HERE then click "Fill and Sign in Acrobat", download and email it to us. Or fill it out online and print.
3 Pay your $20 entry fee - this helps cover insurance and security
4 Email or deliver your Registration Form to Warwick Art Gallery
5 Wait for notification of your tree allocation - we plan to start allocating trees in mid December
6 Once you know which tree you have it is time to start creating!
7 Tree Jumper Installation Day is Wednesday 20 July 2022


  • Trees are allocated by Warwick Art Gallery. There is space on the Registration From to request a specific tree. Requests are considered but not guaranteed.
  • Entries must be designed as artwork and strictly must not contain promotional material of any type. Signs, flags and posters attached to your tree jumper that promote your group, club or business are not permitted - this information goes on your label.
  • Security guards will patrol the exhibition overnight. Enter at your own risk. Ensure that your entry does not have elements that will affect the safety of others.
  • Any material can be used as long as it can withstand cold, wind, sun and rain. You can use traditional textiles or be inventive with recycled materials. In the interests of our environment do not include laminated paper elements on your tree jumper.
  • Judges take these conditions into consideration when making their decisions.
  • For festival event information go to www.jumpersandjazz.com.au

Artisan Market
Presented by Warwick Art Gallery

23 July 2022 9.30am to 2.30pm

Promo image Izelle Barnard resizeThis is a small boutique market held on the first weekend of Jumpers and Jazz in July. It is a very popular event on the festival program with high traffic volume.
We are seeking applications from artists and crafters who produce original, high quality work.
Please note that this application is not a guarantee of acceptance, as space is very limited. No food, plants or imported goods. Preference will be given to stalls that have handcrafted items for sale...

On Saturday July 23rd 2022 Warwick Art Gallery will be hosting our annual Artisan markets. This is an opportunity for artists and crafts people to host a stall in a unique environment for our jumpers and jazz audience.
We are specifically seeking applications from people who produce high quality curated content with preference given to handmade items.
Think contemporary artworks, handmade toys, textile sculpture, unique things that tourists and locals can keep as a souvenir from their trip. Things that last…


Artisan Market Application Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kites in Memory of Daisy
Presented by Warwick Art Gallery

Now until 20 June 2022

vectorstock 18185275 recolouredDaisy was a knitter and collector of fancy yarn. She also LOVED Jumpers & Jazz in July! In Daisy’s memory we are making kites and kite tails using her vast collection of decorative yarns. The yarn kites and tails will be transformed into swathes to decorate Jumpers and Jazz in July events.

Kites were chosen as the theme because they are playful, colourful and remind us of the fun of being a child.

The Gallery has a template to use as a rough guide to make a kite which is packaged with some of Daisy’s yarn and ready for collection by anyone who wants to contribute.  If you can't get to the Gallery, please use your fanciest yarn in your stash and follow the template guideline link below.

If you’d like to join other kite makers - why not become a Warwick Art Gallery volunteer and make kites at our Friday Vollie’s Social days! Volunteer application forms are available from the Gallery or online or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paper Quilt Project
Presented by Warwick Art Gallery

Now until 20 August 2022

Paper Quilt Flyer backgroundA community project to coincide with the presentation of Australia Wide 8 exhibition of art quilts by the Oz Quilt Network. We are looking for participants  to contribute one or more paper squares created in any 2D media that inspires you. The artwork must be a response to the word "abundance". This is something everyone can participate in and, when sewn together, our paper quilt will be installed on the walls and floor of the Orange Wall Gallery for Jumpers & Jazz in July. We think painting, collage and drawing will be popular but anything that can be done on paper will be accepted including poetry and writing - all inspired by the word "abundance". Pick up a template from the Gallery. Local schools and groups can request a bundle of templates that the Gallery team will happily deliver.


Templates are available from Warwick Art Gallery. If you are not a local you can copy these specifications:

  1. Your work MUST be done on Cartridge Paper not Photocopy Paper. Cartridge Paper is used in sketchbooks and visual diaries
  2. On the front of an A4 piece of Cartridge draw, with a ruler, a 20cm x 20cm box in black. Then draw another box around it 21cm x 21cm.  Do you artwork inside the 20cm box
  3. On the back of the piece of paper write this information:

Your Name:
Your Age:
☐ Under 12 years
☐ 13-17 years
☐ 18-24 years
☐ 25-34 years
☐ 35-44 years
☐ 45-54 years
☐ 55-64 years
☐ 65-74 years
☐ 75 years or older

Template sample

• Your design must respond to the theme ABUNDANCE. You may interpret this theme in any manner using any 2D medium. You may alternatively wish to write a response to the theme on your square.
• Your design must cover the front of the square only and must be contained within the inner border. Please do not cut out the square from the paper.
• When you have completed your design, please turn the page over and write your first name and tick the box that corresponds with your age (this information is for Gallery use only and will not be made public).
• Completed squares must be returned to Warwick Art Gallery by Friday 20 May 2022.

We are also looking for participants in an audio/visual project Stories of Abundance Warwick Art Gallery is seeking participants to share their story of abundance to camera in a short interview. If you have a story to tell, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • Always worth a visit - there is something new and inspirational to see
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