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shanae ADivergence

Shanae Dittman

2 November to 23 December 2017

Shanea was invited to have her own exhibition in our Foyer Gallery after exhibiting as part of the inaugural Burst exhibition in 2015. Her portraits and landscapes are exquisitly done and are composed in a way that radiates mystery and atmosphere. Her exhibition is titled Divergence to represent the variet in her subject matter. This is an exhibition not to be missed.

CartoonCentenary of Federal Policing in Australia exhibition

19 October 2017 to  16 December 2018

This exhibition is curated by Terry Browne, Team Leader - History, Tradition and Museum Workforce and Develpment with the Australian Federal Police. It celebrates the centenery of the formation of the Australian Federal Police. 

Warwick played a infamous role in the story as the "Warwick Egg Throwing Incident" was the catalyst for the creation of the federal police force.  The story starts with brothers Pat and Bart Brosnan at the Warwick Railway Station where Prime Minister Hughes addressed the crowd spruiking his case for compulsory military conscription. Most Australians were against the idea including the Queensalnd Premier at the time T.J. Ryan. It was a volatile tour of Southern Queensland for the Prime Minister topped off by the Brosnan brother's decision to throw at egg at him in protest. Outraged by the attack, Hughes ordered Warwick police to arrest the men, but they refused saying it was out of their jurisdiction and a matter for the Commonwealth. Hughes left Warwick irate and within weeks announced the formation of the Commonwealth Police Force, today known as the Australian Federal Police.

The exhibition will focus on the 100 years of Federal Policing, decade by decade, with information panels and objects of interest.

Main design recoloured smallBurst2 Youth Exhibition

2 November to 23 December 2017


Warwick Art Gallery is hosted the second Burst2 Youth exhibition. Over 200 guests celebrated the talent of young local artists aged 6 to 25 years at the official opening on Saturday 4 November.

Twenty seven young artists received Excellence or Encouragement awards presented to them by Lewis von Stieglitz, representing sponsor Warwick Credit Union, and Warwick Art Gallery Director Karina Devine.

Ms Devine was thrilled with the entries received and the talent that the exhibition is able to showcase.

“It was such a pleasure receiving each and every entry,” said Ms Devine, “Our young artists were so proud of their entries. This really highlights the value of creative activity to foster self confidence. The young artists are exploring a whole range of media too, including traditional painting and drawing to graphic cartoons, photography, artists books and 3D printing.

Amongst the award winners was 7 year old Ella Winfield who received an encouragement award for her photograph “Lizard on the Tree”. Ella’s mother Sara Winfield told the Gallery that Ella was excited to be a part of the exhibition.

“For Ella to win an encouragement award it is going to grow and develop her interested in art and photography,” said Ms Winfield, “we are very grateful for the opportunity.”

Here is the complete list of all the winners

Excellence Awards
Annabel Cory Under the Sea
Alice Fowles Breathe
Morgan Gander Elton John
Amali Millard Decaying Staircase
Brianna Paradas Withering Lea
Nuala Pierce Mrs Potts and Chip
Jacqueline Richmond-Clay Contemplation
Karl Stidolph The Great Swan

Encouragement Awards
Prisca Albendia Colours of Music
Billy Baker Picasso
Anu Woodruff Becker Elixir
Penne Edwards Colour Magic
William Gilmore Hugh Jackman
Genevieve Hawes A Leaf of Hope
Grace McCarthy 571, 455, 118, 110
Jade Moon Packing House
Rikkie Moon Spring Has Started
Jessica Mullaly Morning Mist
Alex Naughton Reflections
Melody Rampling Tea Time
Lauren Ryan Squares and Concentric Circles
Mohini Sarkar Perks of Being Pointless
Luke Stephenson Technology: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Sophie Waples Sit Up Straight (Self Portrait)
Jessica Welsh Girl on a Swing
Ella Winfield The Lizard on the Tree
Lachlan Woodside Mum's Gift

Burst2 will be on display until December 23, 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity to share the exceptional creative talents of young artists living on the Southern Downs.

The Gallery gratefully acknowledges sponsors Rose City Shoppingworld, Warwick Credit Union, Helen Harm Real Estate, Rose City Artz n Framing and the Barnard family.

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