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 Plan your visit to Warwick Art Gallery using our Exhibitions Calendar.

Our three unique exhibition spaces are updated every 4 to 8 weeks.  We are open 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

The Main Gallery will be closed on the following days in 2020 for exhibition installs:
18/19 February | 31 March/1 April | 12/13 May | 30 June/1 July |  18 August to 11 September | 27/28 October | 8/9 December

9 January – 15 February 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
You Are Here 2 (The Incredible Lightness of Being) by Susan Lincoln

Crystal, high-gloss reflective surfaces, video, works on paper and performance come together to create a uniquely immersive installation-based exhibition, by Brisbane-based artist Susan Lincoln. Through her use of light, reflection, refraction and repetition, Susan’s meticulously crafted works create ethereal spaces for mindfulness and meditation.

9 January – 29 February 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
A Portrait of Australia: Stories through the lens of Australian Geographic

A Portrait of Australia: Stories Through the lens of Australian Geographic is touring the country as part of an unprecedented partnership between the National Museum of Australia and Australian Geographic. The stunning display of large format photographic prints unites the expertise of Australian Geographic’s acclaimed photographers and the National Museum’s interpretive storytelling experience.

20 February – 28 March 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
Meander by Peter Osborn

5 March – 25 April 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
  Coastal Dreaming by Warwick Potters Group

2 April - 9 May 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
From Here to There by Borderline Art Group

The art practice of Borderline Arts Association members is highly diverse and includes watercolour, drawing, print making, fibre, fabric, jewellery design, stone and bronze sculpture, ceramics and painting.

30 April – 6 June 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
 Reflections by Tom Benkendorff

14 May – 27 June 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
 Place and Time by Warwick Artists Group

4 June – 11 July 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
Baltic Miniatures

2 July – 15 August 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
Craftivism – in partnership with NETS Victoria

Craftivism. Dissident Objects and Subversive Forms p
resents the work of 18 contemporary Australian artists who utilise craft based materialities with a political intent. Broadening our understanding of craft-making traditions, the artists in this exhibition subvert and extend these forms into the realm of activism and social change, reflecting on the world in which we live. 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, as well as receiving development assistance from NETS Victoria’s Exhibition Development Fund, supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

16 - 26 July Jumpers and Jazz in July

16 July – 22 August 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
The Front Room by the Warwick Art Gallery Yarntopians

18 August – 11 September 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
Closed for facility maintenance

27 August – 3 October 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
Warwick State High School Visual Art students

12 September - 24 October 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
Robert McPherson Boss Drover 

A touring exhibition of works by Robert MacPherson, one of Australia’s most highly regarded contemporary artists.The exhibition tour will feature works that continue a lifelong project he calls the ‘Frog Poem’ series, an investigation that has previously focussed on juxtaposing everyday objects with the Latin names of frogs that have somehow suggested, in some way, the frog’s own characteristics. His ‘Frog Poem’ series has evolved to refer to the unreliability of descriptive systems to capture the diversity of their subjects, and the happy coincidences in language that can occur through colloquialism, slang, and truncation, like the shortening of words to fit road signs as drivers pass by rural landscapes, towns or local markets.

‘Robert MacPherson: Boss Drovers’ is a touring exhibition developed by the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art.

8 October – 14 November 2020 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
 The Cherry on Top by Jayde Clacy

29 October – 5 December 2020 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
Nikki Wood

19 November 2020 – 9 January 2021 (ORANGE WALL GALLERY)
Southern Downs Miniatures 2020

10 December 2020 – 23 January 2021 (MAIN AND FOYER GALLERY)
Reasonable and Necessary




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