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IMG 3315 editedHome Sweet Home

Warwick Art Gallery Yarntopians

19 July to 18 August 2018

In 2014 Warwick Art Gallery invited avid knitters and crocheters to band together to make yarn installations for Jumpers and Jazz in July. Their collaborative projects have attracted worldwide attention for juxtaposing the covering of everyday objects with yarn with contemporary design trends, outrageous colour and a massive dose of quirkiness. The outcomes attract thousands of visitors to Warwick Art Gallery but the main achievement has been the collegiate spirit of the group and their enthusiasm and generosity.

With a firm commitment to encouraging participation, team coordinator Loretta Grayson, is looking forward to revealing this year’s masterpiece to the world on the first day of the festival on the 19th of July.

“This year’s project called Home Sweet Home is the outcome of the group’s desire to create an artwork that reminds visitors of childhood treats and playful adventures,” said Loretta, “The installation, which will totally set your taste buds tingling, will completely surround you with colour and wonderful examples of the creativity of the members of the team.”

Home Sweet Home will extend into the garden outside the Gallery with the return of the popular pineapple garden, with a new psychedelic colour scheme.. They will be joined by a flamboyant flock of friends who are set to be the media stars of the festival this year.

The Yarntopians have been assisted in the construction of Home Sweet Home by Warwick Men’s Shed and Warwick Bunnings with grateful thanks to Rob Schulz.



Women from Venus and Nebula SmallGalaxy Morphed

Darling Downs Textile Art Group

12 July to 18 August 2018

Created exclusively for the 2018 Jumpers and Jazz in July festival artists of the Darling Downs Textile Art Group will explore the Universe, its colours, changing patterns, its magnetic enigma and creative appeal through the textile medium.

A unique immersive experience for all ages, this exhibition is a superb example of artists working collaboratively to create a collective narrative.

Group member Jan Scudmore says the group hopes that the exhibition appeals to a broad audience.

“Humanity’s interest in the Universe is profound and deep-rooted,” says Jan, “It is our intention to present an exhibition to give the viewer an experience as if they were actually travelling through space.”

This dynamic exhibition will feature predominately new works incorporating a delicious array of textile mediums in traditional and contemporary formats.

The Darling Downs Textile Art Group is an organisation of artists based on the Darling Downs who are dedicated to textile and quilt art practices.


Robyn Anderson
Jenny Burgess
Noeleen Fleming
Hilary Fogarty
Denise Hart
Noelle Hodges
Barbara Jenkins
Gillian Knott
Marion Lees
Elizabeth Schmidt
Sue Schmidt
Jan Scudamore
Jolanta Szymczyk
Iet van Vonderen



BoBo 1 SMALLJumperhead

Jessica Thompson

12 July to 11 August 2018

Former Warwick resident Jessica Thompson, who now lives in Brisbane, was inducted into the Warwick Art Gallery Tree Jumpers Artist Hall of Fame in 2017. Her crochet artistry has been recognised by the judges at just about every year of the festival since judging began ten years ago.

For this year’s festival the Gallery has invited Jessica to develop a new suite of crochet garments to showcase her skill and creative ability. Made from repurposed second hand knitwear and recycled materials the yarn artworks in her Jumperhead exhibition will incorporate human and animal forms. The artworks will life sized and explore themes of animal trophyism and human body adornment.

Jessica’s artwork has been recognised internationally at the World of Wearable Art in Wellington, New Zealand. She has recently been announced as a finalist in the 2018 competition and presentation. Jessica takes her crochet beyond the boundaries of your typical crochet artwork. She is inspired by camouflage, grunge, science fiction and geekery.

RADF LOCKUPJumperhead was made possible through a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queesnalnd Governemnt and Southern Downs Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.


Plan your visit to Warwick Art Gallery using our Exhibitions Calendar.

Our three unique exhibition spaces are updated every 4 to 8 weeks.  We are open 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Main Gallery

Foyer Gallery

Orange Wall Gallery

 7 June - 7 Jul 2018

Shifts Clinton Barker


7 June - 7 Jul 2018

Portals: Thresholds: Boundaries The Cattledog Printmakers 

This exhibition received support from the Regional Arts Development fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Southern Downs Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

 5 July - 16 Aug 2018

Jumperhead Jessica Thompson

This exhibition received support from the Regional Arts Development fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Southern Downs Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.


 12 Jul - 18 Aug 2018

Galaxy Morphed Darling Downs Textile Group

12 Jul - 18 Aug 2018

Home Sweet Home: a new yarn installation by the Warwick Art Gallery Yarnbombing Team


 24 Aug - 6 Oct 2018

Warakuma National Museum of Australia

Warakurna: All the Stories Got into our Minds and Eyes is an exhibition of contemporary paintings and sculptures that document a new art movement emerging from the Western Desert community of Warakurna. These paintings combine familiar Western Desert symbols and dots with a new, more figurative style, to recreate scenes of everyday life and to tell historical and contemporary stories. The works are the creative vision of a group of artists including Eunice Yunurupa Porter, Judith Yinyika Chambers, Dianne Ungukalpi Golding, Jean Inyalanka Burke and Dorcas Tinamayi Bennett. The Warakurna paintings are not just art, they recount incidents and remember people that have impacted on the artists’ lives.

24 Aug - 6 Oct 2018

Home Sweet Home: a new yarn installation by the Warwick Art Gallery Yarnbombing Team

 16 Aug - 22 Sep 2018

In the Round Ann Fogarty

 11 Oct - 8 Dec 2018

Seasons Warwick Artists Group

27 Sep - 3 Nov 2018

In Sight

Warwick State High School student exhibition

14 Dec 2018 - 12 Jan 2019

Balnhdhurr - A lasting Impression Touring exhibition from Artback NT

Balnhndhurr – A Lasting Impression celebrates twenty years of printmaking through the Yirrkala Print Space based at Buku-Larrnngay Mulka Art Centre. Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre, located in the coastal Arnhem Land community of Yirrkala, was established in 1975 as a resolute act of selfdetermination. Yirrkala Print Space began in 1995 when a purpose built area was designed to host a printing press and to enable artists to ‘seize the means of production’. With a philosophy to provide an environment to educate and engage, Yirrkala Print Space acts as a training area for emerging artists and is staffed by Indigenous printmakers. Balnhdhurr – A Lasting Impression showcases a diverse range of fine art
prints that map the chronological evolution of the Print Space and its activities from the first black and white linocuts produced, to the technically diverse and innovative outcomes of major community projects. The prints on display are both visually engaging and rich with cultural content providing a wealth of material to be drawn out for student engagement.


8 Nov 2018 - 5 Jan 2019

Bloom where you are planted

Curated by Warwick Art Gallery Director Karina Devine

17 Jan  - 23 Feb 2019

Iconic Queensland Touring exhibition from Flying Arts Inc.

The Iconic Queensland touring exhibition showcases artworks from 28 regional and remote Queensland artists. Curated by Henri Van Noordenburg, the exhibition challenges perceptions of what Queensland icons are, through the artists’ unique interpretation of their communities, characters and environments. From dribble-castles made of sand to the suburban sight of Nana watering her garden on a sun-drenched day, the artworks provide a unique snapshot of regional life through the eyes of its artists.

10 Jan - 2 Mar 2019

Plein Air Park: Recreation Enjoyement of Light

Julie Purcell

28 Feb  - 6 April 2019

Tainted Landscapes Chris Fletcher, David LeMay and Michael Pospischel

7 Mar - 11 May 2019

to be advised

11 April - 11 May 2019

Unseen Donna Davis

16 May - 22 June 2019

Fiona Hayes



Portals: Thresholds: Boundries

The Cattle Dog Printmakers

7 June to 7 July 2018

In 2015 a group of members and friends of the Warwick Artists’ Group attended a beginners printmaking class held at the Warwick Artists’ Group Studio at 21 Willi Street. Over the following months the group explored different relief printing techniques such as lino cut. In 2016, with the help of funding, the printmakers acquired an etching press and began learning other techniques including etching, dry-point, collagraphy, lithography and screen printing.

Portals: Thresholds: Boundaries is the group’s first exhibition at Warwick Art Gallery.

The Cattle Dog Printmakers

Sandra Bartley
Jill Birtwistle
Rhyl Dearden
Catherine Elliot
Susan Ellwood
Mike Geisel
Cathy Holmes
Gayle Pershouse
Mo Skeet
Sue Whitton
Kris Wood

This exhibition received support from the Regional Arts Development fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Southern Downs Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.


Artwork 4For the Love of Trees

Nikki Wood

24 May to 30 June 2018

Nikki's work is focused on trees. She admires them and their ability to transport the viewer to a place that feels whimsical, otherworldly and calm.

This body of work includes pastel drawings and some acrylic paintings, all created from photographs taken on walks from the top of Spring Creek to Queen Mary Falls. It also includes imagery from other parts of the Scenic Rim.

The collection includes images of the Spring Creek drive, with is a sealed road bordered by tall, colourful trees. It includes work which looks at the depths of the forest, looking beyond to bordering open spaces, and work which encompasses the dark areas of this place, thick with overgrowth and moss covered trees.

In addition, imagery from Springbrook is also featured, showcasing little showers of light in such a dense rainforest setting. Each piece has a story.


Clinton Barker Happening Oil on Canvas 2016jpgShifts

Clinton Barker

7 June to 7 July 2018

Clinton Barker is a Brisbane based artist who has widely exhibited in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. He has work in private and public collections including the Print Council of Australia and Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

This collection of paintings and works on paper is titled Shifts to represent the changes that are created when individual figures are united as a collective grouping.

Clinton’s artworks are influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Primitive Art starting out as abstracts but developing into narrative compositions with the addition of human like figures. He paints as a way of interpreting his personal thoughts and emotions with the overall compositions kept balanced with beautiful colour harmonies.

“A work generally starts out as an abstract composition and then the figures are born from there. As I paint, one colour informs the next until there is harmony. I choose colours that will create a certain ‘vibration’ … ultimately I want each painting to pulsate, to feel alive.”


A travelling exhibition of work by Loani Prior and Mark Crocker invitation front WEBSITE

Warwick Art Gallery was the producing gallery for the exhibition Portraits of a Tea Cosy. 

Work on this exhibition started in 2012 when Queen of Tea Cosies Loani Prior and photographer Mark Crocker travelled to six towns in three states meeting tea cosy guardians and recording their stories.    From these meetings Mark has produced 40 black and white portraits of the interviewees with their tea cosies in colour.  Their stories have been turned into an audio presentation and delightful quotes about family, friendship and the joy of owning something handcrafted. 

This exhibition also stars 20 exuberant TEA COSIES created by Loani Prior, author of three best selling books, Wild Tea Cosies, Really Wild Tea Cosies and How Tea Cosies Change the World.  They are knitted objets d’art, woolly sculptures; clever and funny, like nothing you will have seen before. 

The exhibition was displayed first in Warwick during Jumpers and Jazz in July 2013.  The tour includes the following locations: Mittagong, Northern Territory, Hervey Bay, Miles, Longreach, Bundaberg, Ballina and Canberra. The tour was completed in 2015.  Mark Crocker's prtraits are now part of the Warwick Art Gallery collection.

This project is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian state and territory governments and by Arts Queensland in the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts.

This project has also been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Warwick Art Gallery, from time to time, organises one off events, residencies or community project outside of our scheduled exhibition program.  

Casting Off 

Alison McDonald residency

July 2016 

Casting Off was commissioned by Warwick Art Gallery for Jumpers & Jazz in July 2016.

Warwick Art Gallery approached Alison to design a semi permanent artwork that reflected the Jumpers and Jazz in July festival vision and branding. The artwork needed to communicated the festival’s priority to provide visual art that is surprising and creative. Key inspirational themes included Humour, Wrapping, Disguising, Softening, Pattern, Texture, Repetition and Colour.

"The typical crocheted ‘granny square’ rug made from left over bits of wool is something we are all comfortable and cosy with, just like our relationship with plastic, particularly single- use plastics. The colourful Casting Off may appear cosy or even fluffy from a distance, but when you get close it is prickly, symbolising the continuing conundrum we all share about what to do with plastics at the end of their life. This artwork highlights the massive amounts of plastics that clog our waterways and draw our attention to the stewardship and responsibility we owe our sea creatures."  Alison McDonald

Warwick Art Gallery received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments.

The project also received support from Bunnings Warehouse Warwick and Celtis Grove Bed and Breakfast Warwick.

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